Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blog Roll Updates

Thanks to all who responded with new blogs for me to check out! I will certainly enjoy reading them.

Here are some of the new additions...

James McGrath of Exploring Our Matrix recommends Scientific Blogging (I actually post there from time to time), PTET, Conspiracy Factory, Bad Idea Blog, The Austringer, and Northstate Science.

Ian Ramjohn of Further Thoughts gives shout outs to Seeds Aside and Hyphoid Logic.

Eric Johnson likes Mystery Rays from Outer Space which surprisingly "touches immunologically on viro, onco, autoimmunity, and evolution." I could have guessed that from the name, Eric :P

Marco Varella suggests his own blog, Marcoevolutivo.

Andrew recommends his blog the Naked Galaxy. I should have added this earlier... because I have chatted with Andrew a few times.

The Monkeyman points out that Chimpanzees are not Monkeys. They are apes!

Evolved has a blog called Evolved and Rational. Sigh... if only we all were.

Anonymous directed me to Bad Science.

Addy N. takes time out from doing what an untenured professor should be doing to suggest Science Woman.

I will add a few of my own, which I nominate for the E for Excellent blog award (Thanks Sam!):

Female Science Professor

Freelancing Science

Microbi0logy Bytes


This Week in Evolution

Thanks again for your suggestions!


  1. I've long since realized I can't possibly keep up with the blogs on my blogroll - and you want MORE? Crazy man!!

  2. My thoughts exactly. Still, I learn interesting things from blogs I only read sporadically.