Friday, September 5, 2008

Heading to Dayton, TN

In stunning news, a Darwin-shaped wall stain has been reported at the former site of the Scopes Trial. The image has driven evolutionists into a scientific fervor.

"I have never felt closer to Darwin's ideas," said zoologist Fred Granger, who waited in line for 16 hours to view the stain. "May his name be praised and his theories on natural selection echo in all the halls of naturalistic observation forever."

I've abandoned my plans for the weekend, and am driving down to Dayton as soon as possible.


  1. Sigh, the Discovery institute will take our jokes seriously and claim this as proof that biologists are attempting to set up their own religion...

  2. So how was it? ;¬)
    I've always been a great admirer of Charles Darwin but the more I look at this picture the more I see Chewbacca.

  3. I am a painter and I was hoping you could help me with a question I've been pondering. Do you have a guess as to how long it be until a microbe evolves that can digest plastic?

  4. Davey: Maybe the DI will take us seriously, but does anyone take them seriously? ;)

    Sarah: I went. The stain spoke to me. It said "Hhauhuaahh". I guess you must be right.

    Theresa: Six weeks :)