Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Campaign Reveals Science Advisors

I wrote a terse email to Senator Barack Obama a few months ago, chastising him for not taking a stronger stance on critical science issues and for declining to participate in a Science Debate. Recently Obama has turned a page; he has come out strongly on science issues. A few days ago Obama (as well as Senator John McCain) submitted responses to 14 science questions. Today Obama revealed his science advisors: Nobelist and former head of NIH Harold Varmus, former head of AAAS Gilbert Omenn, Nobelist Peter Agre, astrophysicist Don Lamb and former Stanford dean Sharon Long.

McCain on the other hand has selected as running mate Governor Sarah Palin, a young-earther, cretinist and global warming denialist.


  1. Just wanted to let Obama know I am still available, could you pass that along John?


  2. Easy on the McCain trashing. Biden is no hero. Wait until he puts out science advisors to make a proper comparison

  3. My latest post documents McCain's "science" advisors:

  4. Well this just about swings it for me,Obama it is. Although I can't vote in this election since I'm in the UK.