Thursday, September 4, 2008

Henry Stewart Talks: Evolution and Medicine

Usually I hate unsolicited email, but I received one today that I was very glad to have received. The email directed me to this website where a series of talks on Evolution and Medicine are available. Henry Stewart Talks are advertised as Online Seminars By Leading World Experts. From the one's I have observed, the series basically consists of slide show with voice-over narration. Despite this, I found them totally engrossing and I am looking forward to viewing them all.

Some of the topics include:

Evolution and Medicine: From the Perspective of an Evolutionary Biologist
Prof. Stephen Stearns - Yale University, USA

Bacteria and Virus Evolution: A Model for the Study of Natural Selection
Dr. Paul Turner - Yale University, USA

Infection and Chronic Disease
Prof. Paul Ewald - University of Louisville, USA

The Original Human Diet: What was it and should it be a Model for Contemporary Nutrition?
Prof. S. Boyd Eaton - Emory University, USA

Why we Cook with Spices: Preventative Darwinian Medicine
Prof. Paul Sherman - Cornell University, USA

Genetic Conflicts in Human Pregnancy
Prof. David Haig - Harvard University, USA

Mental Disorders in the Light of Evolutionary Biology
Prof. Randolph Nesse - University of Michigan, USA

A Darwinian Eye View of Cancer
Prof. Mel Greaves - Institute of Cancer Research, UK

These are just the talks about Evolutionary Medicine. There are 800 other talks on other aspects of biology including stem cells, RNAi, gene regulation, epigenetics etc etc.

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  1. Unfortunately it looks like you can only listen to 5 minute samples for free. For the full lectures, you've got to pay.