Monday, May 14, 2007

Help Citizendium!

Citizendium is a new Wiki project that aims to avoid the problems Wikipedia faces from vandalism and inaccurate postings. The key innovations are that contributors must use their real names and all posts must be approved by expert editors (I'm an editor in the Biology Workgroup).

However Citizendium needs money to get off the ground. You can help at no cost to you. Citizendium is now participating in programs with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble that allow Citizendium to earn money for any purchases that are made by people clicking through to either site via Citizendium. This means you can help support the Citizendium with your everyday purchases through these retailers--and it won't cost you any extra! Amazon and Barnes & Noble will donate 6% of the purchase price for all book purchases that originate at the Citizendium website.

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