Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ten Simple Rules...

PLoS Computational Biology has a number helpful papers for navigating the science world, from getting published, to getting grants, to making presentations. My Biotech Life has collected them all here.


  1. From the list on getting published:

    "It is better to publish one paper in a quality journal than multiple papers in lesser journals. Increasingly, it is harder to hide the impact of your papers; tools like Google Scholar and the ISI Web of Science are being used by tenure committees and employers to define metrics for the quality of your work."

    I wonder how true this is. From some situations I've watched unfold recently, it seems that numbers matter as much (maybe more?) than quality. Although this is probably quite school and committee specific.

  2. Well my experience is that one is now expected to publish both frequently and prestigiously. :)

  3. Fair enough. I think I may be overly influenced by a few events that happened here at URI recently.