Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on SREL

Reconcilation Ecology posted an update on the Savannah River Ecology Lab situation. Seems vaguely promising. I posted details on the situation earlier.

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  1. Laura--a "Friend of SREL"Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 10:41:00 AM EDT

    SREL update:

    The “Friends of SREL” thank everyone who has sent e-mails, written letters, and made phone calls in support of the Lab. Traffic on the website is high, and the site is updated daily with new information—please visit often for the latest. This is a critical time in the effort to save SREL. Although a Congressional investigation has been launched into DOE’s actions and press coverage is increasing, the UGA upper administration is still intent on closing the Lab down--an interesting tactic given that they are also poised to launch a new “Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology” on the Athens campus. I fail to see how they can expect the new ecology school to have much prestige if it is built on the ruins of one of Odum’s proudest professional accomplishments—SREL. PLEASE continue all your efforts on SREL’s behalf—you ARE making a difference! Contact with your Congressional delegations will be especially helpful, particularly if they are members of the House Committee on Science and Technology.